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South Asian Marrow Initiative

Saving lives by adding ethnic diversity to the the national stem cell registries.

Every three minutes, someone is diagnosed with a blood cancer like leukemia.

South Asian Marrow Initiative (SAMI) is a non-profit organization that hopes to bridge the gap for ethnic groups under-represented in the national stem cell registry. By hosting events and drives around the country, SAMI helps to find life-saving donors for patients who need a matching stem cell transplant. 

SAMI has...


new bone marrow donors




chapters established

Recent Events and Drives

Examining Blood Sample

Our Partners

SAMI has partnered with NMDP and DKMS. At our drives, we sign donors into either the NMDP stem cell registry or the DKMS registry, depending on the donor's age. These organizations also provide us with educational support, supplies, and information on specific patients looking for a match. When we know details about specific patients, we can target our efforts towards sub-communities that have a higher likelihood of matching. 


Our Events

SAMI holds events at each of our national chapters to reach as many people as possible. We hold events at large South Asian gatherings and register people to join the one of the national registries to save a life! Our events are fun and engaging, but most importantly, they help make a difference. 

Check out some of our past events below:  

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